Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful, Regardless!

     Many times when rain falls, I find myself complaining when a light rain turns into a downpour just as I start to take Quigley outside.  He has to go outside, so what's a gal to do?  I began complaining this morning as I opened the front door, only to find that the rain had begun to pick up the pace.  It was then that I realized we had been in a drought and needed the rain badly.  I turned back around with Quigley in tow and grabbed up the nice big golf umbrella I had purchased at Wal-Mart for just such occasions.  We faired well, and the umbrella did the trick, but shame on me for complaining to God when He had sent the blessing of rain for our benefit! 
     Grumbling is a sin because we haven’t trusted God in all areas of our lives.  We are often so busy complaining that we forget to be grateful for all God has given us.  We complain about our jobs.  Be thankful for jobs.  We complain about the weather.  Thank God that we have cool homes in the summer and warm homes in the winter.  We complain about our situations and struggles.  Trust  God and be grateful that He works in each of our lives, providing us with just what we need at just the right time.
     I want to be more apt to thank God for showering me with blessings than to find things to complain about.  I have found the best way I can do that is to ask God to guide my thoughts and actions, and for me to try keeping my mouth shut!  Debbie

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